Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ (Join The Team)

  · How much does it cost to get started?  

o Kits are 60% off the retail price of the products! We offer four options to fit every need. Please refer to the “Join The Team” page for more details! 

· How many shows do I have to do a week? 

o This is your business! You can do two parties a week or two parties a month. The amount of time you work is totally up to you!  

· How do I learn what to do? 

o It’s Personal Parties will help train you and help you to be the best you can be. We offer training chats online, video chats online, a weekend training once a year and you are welcome to see as many consultant demos as you would like.  You can also call your sponsor anytime! 

· How much can I make? 

o The average consultant makes $20-$100 an hour!  

· When do I get paid? 

o You get paid the night of the party! You do the demo, take the orders, go home and place your order! The amount you have after placing the order is yours to keep! Instant paycheck!  

o You do not submit orders into the company and wait for a paycheck. You earn 40-50% profit on your shows.  

· How do I book my shows? 

o You get out there and talk to people! Start making phone calls, hand out business cards, create a private VIP group, etc. The possibilities are endless! 

· What if I don’t like it? 

o I know that for me, this has been more fun than work, but should you decide it’s not for you, then you can simply stop. You keep any profit you have earned and your stock is yours. 

· What makes It’s Personal Parties different from other direct selling companies? 

o The fact that each new distributor with It’s Personal Parties starts out at the same profit margin of 40%, everyone has an equal opportunity of being successful. 

o Many of our products are consumable which means you will always have repeat business. The products appeal to both men and women and you have an unlimited market which means unlimited income for you. 

o And have we mentioned, we carry nothing over one hundred dollars. 

· How quickly can I advance to higher income levels? 

o That is entirely up to you! Everyone has their own individual pace. So based on the pace you choose to build your business your income grows accordingly. 

· What is the worst that can happen?

 o The worst thing that could happen is not to try it at all. You earn income from your very first show. What if you don’t try it and it turns out that it would have been the opportunity you have always wished for? It could be an opportunity for an unlimited income, doing something that is fun and rewarding and doing it on your own terms. This is your chance to control your own destiny. What is there to lose? Absolutely Nothing. 

· What if I have a bad month and can't place an order?

o No problem. With It's Personal Parties we know life can happen. Staying active has never been easier. You only have to place a $250 retail order every 90 days.

· What can I expect in my kit? 

o A box of awesomeness! For exact details please refer back to the “Join The Team” page where you will find a kit list!

Join The Team

FAQ (Hosting A Party)

· How much does it cost to host a party? 

o Hosting a party is always free! 

· How many people must be there? 

o There is no minimum and no maximum amount of guests.  

· My house is not big enough? 

o Your home is always large enough! When you have a smaller home we love to call that cozy! There is nothing wrong with throwing some pillows on the floor and getting comfortable. And how awesome would it be to have a standing room only crowd?!

· Do your consultants carry inventory? 

o Yes! Consultants carry stock so that you can get most, if not all, of your sexy items the night of the party! 

· Can there be alcohol? 

o Alcohol is optional and at the discretion of the hostess. Drink responsibly!  

· Can there be a stripper? 

o Strippers will not be allowed to be present while the consultant is there.  And we find having entertainment such as a stripper takes away from the party sales. Many consultants depend on their show's profits to pay their bills. They have dedicated their time to focus solely on you and appreciate the hostess focusing only on the It's Personal Party.

· Can I host a party in a public place? 

o Parties must be held in a private place where we can ensure there are no men or children. 

· What payment methods are accepted? 

o Major credit cards and cash are accepted by all consultants. Checks are at the discretion of the consultant. 

· How long will it take to get my stuff? 

o Consultants carry stock! Many, if not all, of your things will be available that night. In the event there is something that must be ordered, the policy is ten to fourteen days. 

· I don’t know anyone to invite! 

o Do you know three people? Invite three people and tell them each to bring three with them. Bam! Your guest list just jumped from three to twelve.  

· Can our husbands be there? 

o No men, children or babies are allowed. Ladies 18+ only! 

· I have an infant, can he/she be there? 

o No! These parties are a wonderful time for you ladies to take a break from your hectic week. We all love our children fiercely but take a little time for you! Mommies deserve a little me time occasionally! 

· What food do I need? 

o You don’t have to provide a buffet to please your friends. Light snacks and drinks are acceptable. 

· How long does a party last? 

o The average party from setup through ordering lasts an average of 3-4 hours depending on the size of your group.  

· Do I have to decorate? 

o Decorating is fun but totally optional. 

· Can my friend bring her Mary Kay, Tupperware, etc..? 

o We all love our friends and their products but this may hurt your free items from your party. You want your friends to focus on the products at the party and help you get your wish list for free. Make sure to schedule your friend for a different evening to help her out! 

· How far do you travel? 

o The distance traveled is up to each individual consultant. Some travel further than others. We will always get you covered to do a party, no distance is too far! If there is no one near you, you might consider joining our team since you have no one in your area. 😊 

· Do we get free stuff? 

o Of course! Every hostess receives 10% of the retail party sales in free product. You will also receive a hostess gift from your consultant the night of your party. (Gift may vary per consultant.) 

· Do you play games at the party? 

o Yes! Most consultants play games during the party. Games may differ based on consultant. 

· Do you carry Lingerie? 

o Carrying lingerie is optional and will vary from consultant to consultant. 

· My niece is 17, if her mom brings her can she be here? 

o We only allow women 18 and older to attend our parties. But an 18th birthday party seems to be in the near future! 

· Are the toys in the demo used? 

o Absolutely not! Every toy in demo are for demo purposes only! 

  · Can my payment be made on two cards? 

  o Yes. Payment can be broken down just about any way you need it to be.    


· What if I was born a man but I identify as a woman, can I be there?  

o Unfortunately no. Where we support everyone, and we would love to offer you an amazing shopping experience outside of a party, we cannot have a male at the parties during the demo. We must go by what is on your driver’s license. You are welcome to contact us for a one on one personal shopping experience and we will set that up!  

Host A Party